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Thread: The Ultimate NES center

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    The Ultimate NES center

    Ok, so just last weekend at work my boss let me have an old video game displayer that our store no longer uses. However he couldnt give me the 3 tv's or consols that came with it. The consols were an xbox, a ps2, and a gamecube.

    Now that i got it, i plan to put in three tv's (obviously), and fill it with the old-school nintendo systems, or any of the systems. This thing will be nintendo ONLY. It would be really cool if i could get ALL of the nintendo systems in there put im just gonna start small.

    I plan on calling it the new "Nintendo Entertainment Center"

    heres a couple of pics i snapped of it.

    Please guys, tell me what you think, any ideas or suggestions are greatly appricated!
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    that's pretty sweet dude ..

    if you have any drawing ability, or know a friend who is artistic, i'd get them to do it up like a mural .. cover the whole thing with nintendo characters, rather than the stickers of games, etc ..

    thats just my opinion, i want one of these


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