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Thread: Why are PS3 games not 1080p?

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    Why are PS3 games not 1080p?

    why are all these games just 720p. why dont they make it 1080p like GT5P, it looked so crisp in my tv.
    is it because the ps3 is not powerful enough?

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    Many of the Playstation 3 games are 1080p capable, but not TRUE 1080p (unlike Microsoft who will slap a 1080p label on anything upscaled from 720p). Alot of the games that are in 1080p, must have the HDMI settings manually set with 720p disabled for it to come up in the proper resolution. I had to do this with Borderlands, MAG Beta, Burnout Paradise, MGS4, and COD:W@W on my PS3. So far, the only game in true 1080p on PS3 that doesn't reuire special settings for display is MW2.

    There are ALOT of great titles availible in 1080p on PS3, maybe just not in your genre.

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    ya i know they are 1080p capable, but its just upscaling,
    i found this link List of PS3 1080p games Make You Go Hmm and there are only a handfull that support true 1080p.
    why arent games like killzone2, uncharted 1&2, resistance etc not running in true 1080p

    modernwarfare 2 runs at true 1080p?? r u sure? coz i heard it runs at 600p, chk out its wiki page

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    I believe its more of a hardware limititaion as well as a limitation of the developers themselves.

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    600p isn't even a resolution. I believe you misread 60fps (frames per second).

    Yes, it runs at true 1080p on PC and PS3.

    And this is a DEVELOPER limitation more than anything, making a game look and play great in 1080p is pretty difficult task for a dev team to undertake. Hardware limitations aren't much of an excuse anymore, but it does take alot more time to develop a 1080p game. Not to mention alot of PS3 multi-platform titles don't truly utilize the hardware (Orange Box and Fallout 3 are prime examples of botched PS3 ports). Games like Borderlands, GTA4, EVERY COD (since 4), MGS4, and GT5 all spent over a year in production.... Which is a pretty big investment for a game like Stranglehold or something, which barely made back it's production cost in the first place at 720p. Many of the well established series only get the 1080p blessing from what I've seen.
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    im sure it runs @ 600p, chk this out modern warfare 2 600p - Google Search

    hmm, it does makes sense, probably thts why GT5 is still under development.

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    ^^ thats because modern warfare is multiplatform.
    most exclusives can easily manage at least 720p, but some first party titles such as wipeout HD and GT5 prove that ps3 definately has the power to run games at 1080p.

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    pretty annoying tbh. everyone got sucked into hdtvs and blueray, yet there is very little 1080 content yet.... probably next gen is when we will see it....

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    The PS3 is more than capable of running 1080p so it isn't a fault or issue with the hardware when it comes to the PS3. The problem is (as has been mentioned here already) the developers of the games.

    The developers are always going to be constrained by costs, with only very few exceptions. The big players such as SquareEnix, EAGames and even Sony can afford to product some games in pure 1080p, but even for these companies releasing every game in 1080p would be impossible.

    FF XIII is taking longer and longer to come out, as is GT5. Its these massive titles that always get knocked back and we see it every year when we are expecting another smash hit. The games in themselves are difficult to produce, and making them all pure 1080p would only increase the lead time for the games.

    The smaller companies wouldn't be able to product pure 1080p games as their only output. The cost would be too high, and then the game may bomb and not do well at all.

    The bigger names still need to produce decent games quickly to generate revenue for their smash hits, so they couldn't produce pure 1080p games as their only output either.

    Still, with the majority of games being 1080p capable, the graphics still destroy anything that the XBox 360 can produce.

    Its not a nice thing to think that we are not getting EXACTLY what we expected, but when the massive games are released and utilise every aspect of the PS3, it will make up for it.

    FF XII did just that for the PS2. The Xbox 360 was out and the PS2 was said to be dying a horrible death at the hands of it's bigger brother. Then FF XII came and pushed the PS2 to the very limits and got every last drop of gaming glory from it. The big developers know this, and thats why their flagship games will push the boat out time and time again.


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