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Thread: 4.2 and Boot2 install

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    4.2 and Boot2 install

    Reading various threads

    Is there any reason to install bootmii as Boot2 now ? as from what ive read about 4.2 installing into boot2 nolonger makes your wii almost brickproof ?

    Or if can install bootmii as boot2 under 4.2 its still the same as before ?

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    Updating normally to 4.2 rewrites the code in boot2 and stops the hack from working but running the updated hackmii installer reinstates the vunerability. If you update to the future 4.3 or whatever it'll probably be overwritten again. Nintendo cannot fix this vunerability on older Wiis through a software update, it'll always be there in boot1.
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    Thanks I was under the impression that 4.2 had modded the boot1 also to stop this.


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