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Thread: How do I play NSMB like this?

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    How do I play NSMB like this?

    I asked a guy who was in the same boat as me with same modchip, etc. Here is his reply

    lets start by saying that i dont know/remember:
    -which os i have on my wii, something
    -i think i have the latest update on my wiinja dlx
    -i dont know jack shit about any IOS-files and so on

    i had wadinstaller as one channel on my wii.
    i downloaded NeoGamma R6-NGBL, 2.17mb a WAD-file.
    put it on my sd-card under wad-folder.
    started my wii with that sd-card and inserted new SMB burned to a dvd-r.
    ran wadinstaller which installed that neogamma.
    now i had neogamma as one channel.
    started that.
    on top of the screen is/was <load game from dvd>, started that.
    wii loads for a few secs.
    the game starts.
    (great game btw)

    i really dont know shit about the latest softmods, ios-things and so on.
    but i am really glad i got this game working, being a newbie in hacking.
    and yes. the game didnt work straightly from wii disc channel."

    So I just installed the homebrew channel via bannerbomb where do I go from there?

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    Please post all questions regarding how to run NSMB in the following thread.


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