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Thread: Wii Region question

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    Wii Region question

    I have a NTSC-U wii @ 4.2U, and its softmodded, i use usb loader gx to run my games, is there anything i should do before loading a PAL game, i checked out the wii brick blocker software, but tht seems to be an old software, do we still have to use it? or do we only have to change some settings in usb loader gx, i see some region options in there.

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    No real need to bother with brick blocker its old and yeah chances are your going to need to screw around with the region settings since your going to be playing PAL on NTSC-U.

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    thanks for the clarification,
    i just found that only thing tht would brick my wii is if i update it, but im already on the latest 4.2u. so i dont have to worry right?
    even if i wasnt on the latest FW it would still ask if i want to update or not right? or will it just automatically update?

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    You usually have to choose to update.


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