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Thread: Wii don't want to boot from SD.

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    Wii don't want to boot from SD.

    I have a 4.3Eu Pal. I managed to hack it with the Bannerbomb hack after I bought it. I worked perfectly! But when I tried to make the NSMB to work I unistalled a cIOS (I think the cIOS36 - And now I know it was my biggest fault I have ever done) and with it I bricked my HBC and the "update your wii" text appeared at the disc icon when I try to start original disks. I have a working Neogamma (ios249 rev7) so almost every game works on my wii perfectly but my HBC won't. I read about another wii hacks member did the same mistake and got the advice to place the wad manager's boot.dol to the root of the SD card and install back the IOS36 and that's all... But I can't make my wii boot from the SD card. I know how I suppose to do that, because I made it when I hacked it, but this time (after the unistallation) it doesn't want to boot from SD. The wii just loading the SD card but nothing happen/appear, all I can see just a lot of free blocks on it.

    How should I make my wii to load the wad manager to reinstall my cios and make my HBC work again? Does anyone have a good idea?

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    DriveKey chip?!

    How do you think a DriveKey chip could help me out? I read about the Wad manager ISO and it needs a modchip. A drivekey chip will be good for this?


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