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Thread: NeoGamma r8Beta7 Questions. Please Answer

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    Us NeoGamma r8Beta7 Questions. Please Answer

    I have read many tutorials and threads regarding upgrading neogamma. The closest I got was a tutorial that mentioned how to do this via usb loader. I am trying to upgrade this via my SD card through wad manager. I need your help in just answering a couple of questions. A simple yes or no for questions 1 and 2would be sufficient. I mainly need help with number 3. If you care to elaborate more It would be appreciated.

    1. Do I need to upgrade my firmware before I begin to upgrade to NeoGamma r8beta7? (I currently have firmware 3.1, and neogamma v0.3)
    2. I understand that I have to install cIOS38rev14 in order to install NeoGammar8beta7. Do i have to be able to get onto a network when I do this? in other words, do I have to access the internet through wifi or other means when I am installing either of these two programs? (I can't access the internet worth crap where I am).

    3.Lastly, I have all the files for NeoGammar8beta7, to include the wad that is required for cIOS38 rev14. I have placed the wad that cIOS38 needs onto the root of my SD card and have placed the cIOS38 contents in the apps folder. However, I don't know where to place the contents of the NeoGamma r8 beta7 folders. What goes in the apps folder, what goes in the wad folder AND do I extract the contents of the code_handler_sourse.rar file that is located in the sourcecode folder somewhere or leave it the hell alone where it is?

    PLEASE ADVISE. As you can see, I somewhat know what I am doing and its all thanks to all of you that provide the information, still there are a couple of things that are not explained in detail for me to understand the exact process of somethings. Getting there though.......thanks.

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    install cios38rev14 is recommended before getting neoGamma.

    1. yes, upgrade to 4.0, at least, is suggested. with Firmware_updater_4.x
    up 4.2 ? no, unless u intended to venture the latest challenges
    2. hbc--> cios38_installer (via wifi).
    or, do it offline with WAD-Manager to install the respective wad file as u mentioned in#3.
    3. u got ALL the files for NeoGR8 ?
    for APPS usage-- x:/apps/neogamma_dol_file
    for Channel installation -- x:/wad/neogamma_wad_file

    WAD_manager be put as x:/apps/wad_mgr
    cios38 wad files as x:/wad/cios38_wad_file

    u don't need to apply the source.rar file unless u want to modify codes. .... i guess u may need it to polish ur ideas, someday.

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