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Thread: New to wii, need help for NeoGamma

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    New to wii, need help for NeoGamma

    Not sure if it is already asked (searched already, but couldn't find answer). But here I go. I just modded my wii 2 nights ago and now I am on the process of figuring out loading games from neoGamma. As I only have 1 SD car (1Gig) that will be used to hold my games, is there a way to install neoGamma to Wii such that I don't have to have neoGamma on my SD card? Or do I have to always have it on the SD card even tho the card is formatted to WBFS format? I am a bit confused and would thank anyone who points me to the right direction.

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    install Neogamma
    as channel, no need to hold the SD card, occupy wii memory
    as Forwarder, need to hold the SD card, less wii memory
    as Apps, must sd card

    u've to compromise the memory spaces, either in sd or in wii. there's no free lunch.

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