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Thread: usb loader gx freeze

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    usb loader gx freeze

    so here's my problem
    im running usb loader gx on a 4.2 system
    after a lot of work i got everything to work fine, minus a few game setting i had to fiddle with, but other than that everything worked fine
    my problem is i was playing tatsunoko vs capcom when i first uplaoded it and it worked fine(a japanese dub btw)
    a week later i ran it again and it stayed on the black screen
    so i restarted the wii and tried to load it again but instead of even loading it froze on the game selection screen.
    i just recently uploaded mario sonic winter olympics and the same thing happened. i select it and it freezes. though im still able to use the wii remote i'm not able to select a thing.

    all the other games work just fine

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    nvm, it was just a bad iso
    as for the tvc someone changed the settings but i got it working

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