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Thread: Semi-brick wii

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    Semi-brick wii

    Hi everyone,

    I'm new to all these soft-modding for wii. I have bought my wii few years back, and it has been soft modded by the shop that sells it, and i believe no modchip inside.

    Recently I bought an original wii sport resort, and try it on the wii, it installed update, but after that when i try to play the game, jus a black screen. Wii fit also gave the same problem.

    I have researched around the forum, and when i tried going to the system menu, it gave opera error, which is a semi-brick. To my knowledge, wii sport resort update the firmware to 4.1 yea?

    My question is whether the guide in the tutorial section "New 3.1-4.1 Softmod any Wii" will un-smibrick my Wii and let me play wii sport resort and wii fit and also other new games. Also it seems like you don't need internet connection for that guide, and the only time u need connection is the optional step. If I actually do need connection, just a normal wi-fi connection is ok yea?

    Sorry for the long post, I am really new to this, and tried my best searching around

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    WSR updated your Wii to system 3.4. The FW4.1 updater does require Internet access. WiiConnect24 needds to be off to avoid interference with Bannerbomb and to avoid updating to 4.2. The Internet access is a normal one through your wireless router.

    Usually a frozen black screen means the IOS needed by the game is missing, but you have original game discs and allowed the game discs to update your Wii so all needed IOSes were installed in that update. Were these game discs within your region-in other words if your Wii is US, the game discs were US too?

    The update would have wiped out the softmod, but your Wii still should be able to play an original game disc if it is within your own region. You are welcome to try the softmod tutorial, but something else seems to be wrong with your Wii.

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    Thanks for the fast reply,

    Well the weird thing is, my wii can still play back-up (games burned into dvd-r) such as wii sport, wario, and other. I am sure the region is conflicting, as i think my wii is US version while i bought the WSR in australia. So yea i think there is a region conflict which made my wii semi brick.

    So do you think doing the step by step guide that i mention in the previous post will help me unbrick and play new games? Or is there other way i should follow.

    Thanks for the reply

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    a normal wifi, or cabled internet, connection is fine for Wii installer and online game.

    WSR disc will update to 4.0, not even 4.1 (correct me, if anyone find it wrong)

    "WiiFit also gave the same problem" ? i guess u're referring to WiiFit_plus. rigt ?

    reinstall the WiiSystemMenu will solve semi-brick. in ur case, likley 4.1 at the most.

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    When i say wiifit, i am referring to the old wii fit lol. I am pretty outdated with wii games lol.

    Does the guide in the tutorial section "New 3.1-4.1 Softmod any Wii" counts as reinstalling the wii system menu?


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    Hey everyone,

    I have finished doing the step by step guide. Now i can play my WSR via neogamma, but when i try going to the wii settings, it still give opera error, which suggest my semi brick issue has not been solved yet.

    billyhome suggested to reinstall wiisystem menu, i have looked around and it seem like to update the system menu, i need internet connection. Which i have, but i cannot access the settings to turn it on

    Is there other way to reinstall the system menu? or my understanding is wrong


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    You can download the wads you need using NUS Downloader (google it) and install then to refresh/update your System Menu. If you have preloader/priiloader it will be uninstalled by installing sys menu, so will need running again.

    Ensure you pick the right one for your region.
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    Ok i'll give it a try



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