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Thread: help please...compressing iso

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    help please...compressing iso

    Hi guys, I am new to the wii mod, so I need to sort out something complete the mod. Is there any tool to convert iso to ciso? The wiiscrubber's trim function doesn't seem to work, the mario bro game is 4.3 gigs but after trimming it is still 4.1 gigs, any suggestion of trimming? Thanks a lot?

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    Why are you trying to make a ciso out of an ISO? There is an WBFS tool, that will extract an ISO from a WBFS formatted hard, to an ISO or a ciso format file. LOOK HERE. So, you could install an ISO to a WBFS formatted USB Memory stick or SD card and then extract it to a ciso file with the tool in the link I posted.
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    I got the tool, it is almost like the WBFS manager. However, neither of the program is reducing the size of the games for me. For example, I want to shrink the new super mario bros to the claimed 380 mbs so I can use a 1 gig SD card to play the game. But the transferred iso size is 4.13 gigs in the WBFS. Any idea? Thank you.


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