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Thread: Anyone safely repartitioned a WBFS drive?

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    Anyone safely repartitioned a WBFS drive?

    Hi all,

    I am just wondering whether anyone has used partition magic or anything to repartition their WBFS drive. I want to get about 10 - 20GB of FAT32 on there and dont have the local disk space to store all my backups.

    I was wondering whether anyone had managed to use a tool like partition magic or anything and still been able to use their drive without issue?

    Otherwise I may have to see if I can borrow a friends drive, and clone my stuff to that instead.

    Any thoughts or experiences would be appreciated


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    I've re-paritioned my WBFS formatted drive but I was able to save my backups to my comp so I'm not sure if it will delete your backups and since your unable to do so you might need to temporarily borrow a HDD from your friend.


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