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Thread: USB Loader GX. Changing default directories.

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    Question USB Loader GX. Changing default directories.

    I have formatted a 700gb WD External drive to have my primary WBFS partition as 650gb (W, and the 2nd partition as Fat32 (Z at 50gb. I have 9 games loaded on the W: partition, and i wanted to use the Z: partition as the default directory for all of my disc images and extra stuff. I went into the settings to change the directories to Z:/......... and as soon as i hit the a button to change the directory and proceed to change the location to Z:/ it won't allow me to erase the SD:/. I took out the SD card and tried it and it says "error".

    Did I partition the second half of the hard drive wrong? Was the first partition supposed to be the Fat32 partition, and then the 2nd partition the WBFS?

    I want to be able to completely do away with the SD card, hence the purchase of such a large HD.

    Please help me out here......i spent alot of time researching and came up with nada.



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    I've been reading some more and still a lil lost.......

    Anyone out there that has done this accurately??


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    It'll identify the partition as USB:\ not Z: as that's just it's Windows allocated letter.

    That said I never got this to work but I only tried it once, got a code dump and then went and did something more exciting instead.
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    So i guess it's just a lost cause then.

    I was just wanting to do away with the sd card but i guess i'll buy a 4g sd card and just leave it in there. I already have a 2g but i was afraid that if i load that hd up with tons of iso's and have disk/cover art for all of them saved on the sd card i would run out of room.

    Thanks for trying to help!!

    I will keep an eye out on the forums for a succesful endeavor. Hopefully someone will figure this out.




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