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Thread: Virgin Wii System Update, HELP!!

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    Virgin Wii System Update, HELP!!

    I recently removed my mods to "virginize" my Wii. When I go to play NSMB it says:

    IMPORTANT: if your Wii console includes unauthorized modifications, this update may detect and remove unauthorized content causing immediate or delayed inoperability of your console. Failure to accept this update may also render this and future games unplayable. If you do not wish to accept this update, you can hold down the POWER button for 4 seconds.

    I am nervous about accepting and having it screw up my Wii. I believe that I cleaned it all up. Is there any way to be sure or do I just have to take a chance on this one?
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    I assume your playing from an official disc? If thats the case, the disc is just asking to update the IOSs the game needs to run [as well as a new system menu version if it was included on disc]. Are you attempting to just keep your Wii virginized?
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    I am running from an official disc and am planning on keeping my wii virgin. I'm just concerned about them detecting any traces of my previous mod.

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    the update does not send no information to nintendo, it will replace the ios`s

    if you had previous softmods in there and custom ios`s the update will replace the ios`s with fresh one and run as normal.
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    I did it and all is well. Thanks for the input. This is probably the most helpful and polite forum i have ever encountered!

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