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Thread: USB loader GX Problem

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    USB loader GX Problem

    ok so i have a problem with the USB loader GX. it works fine at first and i can load my back up games but i can only use it for a while. only for like 4 to 5 minutes then it freezes and sends me to this black screen with a bunch of number saying something about "dumping error" that only happens with the loader gx. when i try playing on the gx, it works fine for like 3 minutes then the game stops. it just stays there as if u wernt playing and just stays there. the wii mote freezes too. so can anybody help me please. thank those who helped me =)

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    Have you checked to make sure your HDD is compatible:USB Devices Compatibility List - WikiTemp .

    Also, check to see if your HDD is entering a sleep or hibernate cycle or powering down. This tends to be more of a problem with HDDs converted from internal drives, but some external USB HDDs for desktop PCs have this powersave mode, too.


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