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Thread: Bleach Versus Crusade(Move List)

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    Exclamation Bleach Versus Crusade(Move List)

    How do you Bankai in the game? (Oops, just found out ^_^)

    So far I know

    wii-mote swung right/left(swipe attack)
    wii-mote swung up (upper kut)
    wii-mote swung down (2x Hit)

    A = Ki Blast
    B = "Special/Hard Blast"
    C = Flash-Step ( + D-Pad to move in that direction/Null to jump )
    Z = ? (they flash? maybe a block or charge move?? )
    Z+A = Power Ki Blast
    Z+B = Special Move
    Z+C = Jumps (Z+D-Pad to stay in the air longer)
    Z+Nunchuck~DownSwing = Bankai/PowerUp

    COMBOS: Swipe Swipe Swipe, Swip Swip Swip SwingUp, etc -or- Swip (up to 2x) then press A~
    Hold Z before swinging to add xtra hits to your kombo

    If you find anything else out please fill more then free to reply to this
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