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Thread: please i need some help

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    please i need some help

    I helped a friend update his wii. He had 4.0U. I upgraded to 4.2 and the homebrew channel was upside down. I than downgraded it to 4.1u so he could play region free games on his wii. I than installed preloader .29 than upgraded to .30. After that i installed Cioscorp 3.5 and than i installed rev 15. Last but not least i used dos-ios mod and installed a non patched ios 36 so homebrew was right side up. Nsmb works off the channel and all of his pal games work. The only thing that doesn't work is mario kart and super smash brothers brawl. Every time he tries to play these games through the channel the wii tells him to eject the disc. Can someone tell me what the problem could be

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    i had that happen to me when I was following the 3.1.4 softmod for any wii guide but skipped steps.

    After I went back through the steps, no problem. I think what caused it for me was that I was setting preloader to use 50 when it should have been set for 60 because I did the steps incorrectly.

    I know i'm a newb to this board, but a quick tip - give a summary in your title... People aren't likely to click on a thread with a title saying "please help me" as they've seen stuff like that a million times...

    The poster usually gives very little info so they have nothing to go on and must pry and dig to get information to help the person.

    Come with lots of info, get lots of answers. Tell *EVERYTHING* you've done, make a decent title post and you'll get helped - I did.

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    I think ssbb and lots of older games use ios36. Maybe by unpatching it something happened. I'm not sure. The only reason I responded to this post was that it is NOT recommended to downgrade from 4.2 for future reference. Also the upside down homebrew would have been fixed by running through the 4.2 guide after the update (which was fail #1). Any time homebrew flips upside down it's fixed by reinstalling it.


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