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Thread: Wii keeps getting errors during firmware update

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    Wii keeps getting errors during firmware update

    My wii has a 3.3U firmware, and so far i've been using this thread to softmod it :

    and i've gotten to step 4, where it says I HAVE to update since im on 3.3, well first it says to "install IOS60-patched first (step 5a), then run Firmware Updater 4.1" so i did that, and then i went to the homebrew channel, and loaded the 4.1 updater, and each time i've ran it, it would be on a certain content, then an error will come up, such as the one I just tried a few minutes ago:
    Downloading Content #123...ERROR! (ret = -2)

    and it's done that on other content numbers with different number errors.. whats the deal?

    edit: ran it again, worked fine!
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    Good for you. Hope you finished the rest of your softmod successfully.


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