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Thread: House of the dead overkill green screen

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    House of the dead overkill green screen

    I can't get it to work! I soft modded my wii using the tutorial from this site. I'm on 4.1u and have tried running this game with different options from usb loader GX and neogamma. With neogamma, I was able to get the game running with color, but the screen was scrolling from top to bottom like one of those old fashion cartoons from with the film strips. So I'm guessing the ISO file isn't corrupted.

    I have error 2 fix on, forced NTSC...
    I've tried different IOS's from usb loader 222, 225, 249(I think) Can't remember the numbers off the top of my head, but its the only 3 I have.
    I've also tried VidTV on, country string on.

    I read a tutorial that said to use IOSpatcher and patch it to 30. That didn't work too. The tutorial said IOSpatcher was supposed to show you what IOS you need so you can extract it and install it with WAD manager, but IOSpatcher doesn't show what IOS I need for any of the ISOs I have on my computer...

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    you need to mess with the force options, try forcing ntsc or pal, whichever you are on

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    I've set it so that usb loader automaticly forces all games to NTSC, that option is always on for me and it doesn't work! =[

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    what region are you? usa? try downloading a ntsc game

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    I'm USA,

    I have other games, both NTSC and PAL, and they all work. I don't have many games though, but this is the first one I'm having trouble with

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    Try forcing NTSC in neogamma

    if not, dont sweat it, just DL a NTSC one

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    How confident are you that a NTSC one will work better? o.0

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    Quote Originally Posted by jepherz View Post
    How confident are you that a NTSC one will work better? o.0
    I'm not really sure about this particular game (as I have the retail version), but wii sports resort WOULD NOT work until I nabbed the NTSC version. It has so far been the only one (out of 40 or so) that I HAD to get the NTSC version for.

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    WSR is an entirely different story, but HoD will work as ntsc

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    it worked as I'm starting to thing twice before downloading PAL games...


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