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Thread: USB Drive working on the Wii but Wii Backup Manager or WBFS cannot see it!?

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    USB Drive working on the Wii but Wii Backup Manager or WBFS cannot see it!?

    Not sure what's going on here, but I have set up a usb loader on my WIi and managed to successfully format the drive and load a few games onto it.

    Now I wanted to manage some of the files from my PC but so far I have not been able to get the PC to "see" it in any useful way.

    When I plug the drive in the PC (Windows 7 x64) makes a sound, and in device manager I get a USB Mass Storage Device pop up, but neither WII BackUp Manager or WBFS Manager are able to read the drive.

    Am I doing something wrong?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    PS. I had posted this on the more generic thread, but have had no responses so thought I would try it here.

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    how did you format the USB drive at first? Can you format it in WBFS Manager? depending on how many games you have backed up..

    that's how i set mine up in the beginning used WBFS Manager to format it then put a couple of games on first to see if it worked.
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    Make sure you have sent WBFS manager or whatever application you are using to open as "Administrator" in windows 7

    Its the same thing that happens in Vista.

    You may have to navigate to the WBFS Manager install directory right click and there should be an option in the properties to "run as Administrator"

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    Dannymh - Running WBFS Manager as admin did not fix my problem, but thanks for the suggestion.

    Sledgehammer - I initially formatted the hard drive using USBBootloader GX on the Wii, but I have now reformatted it on the PC via Wii Backup Manager (running as admin) and I am now copying a few ISOs from the PC onto it. Fingers crossed once it is finished I will still be able to run the games on the WIi through Wiiflow.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Right, after doing all that I plugged the drive back into the Wii and booted up.

    Tried opening Wiiflow and it asked me to reconnect the USB drive or press reset Tried opening USB Loader GX and it reported an Error "cIOS could not be loaded and crashed

    What can I do now, apart from revert back to a drive that isn't readable on the PC?
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    My bad, I had put the USB drive into the wrong USB socket on the Wii

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    cand some one plezz help me ,,, i want to do the same thing u guys are doin ,,, but i dont know what i need to down load ,,,, all the sites give different stuff ,,,,,could one of you guys tell me what files i need ,, and how to put them on the sd card properly .. i do have the home brew channle ... its just i have over 50 wii games on a 1tb externale hard drive and i wanna load them threw the usb .. if u can post a step buy step that would help soooo much ,,,, thank your for takeing the time to help me .

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    p.s iam willing to share my games to who ever helps me out ,,,

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    mrlilley depending on what system update you got on your wii just follow this guide

    Wii 4.2:
    Wii <4.1

    hopes this will help you.

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    I started out using wbfs manager. My vista only saw a local drive but would not access it. I am now starting to learn how to use wii backup manager (great program). this program is basic in design but will do everyting you need to back up game on usb. i d/led it from if you go to the settings tab. select the drive tab and uncheck the "us mounted volumes only". you will be able to see and access the wbfs partition using wii backup manager. I hope this helps......i am learning myself, and this is my first post so please let me know if i did something wrong. Thank you for this website.


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