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Thread: Trimming the NSMB iso

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    help...trimming iso with wiiscrubber doesn't work?!

    Hi guys, I just done modding my Wii last night. I was exposed to the softmod just yesterday so I have a very newbie question to ask. Please give me some help and bear with me

    I have the NSMB wii game iso that is 4.38 gigs, and I want to trim it smaller with Wiiscrubber, but no matter what I do, I can only trim it to 4.12 gigs, and when I use WBFS Manager 3.0 to transfer the ISO to the drive, it is still 4.12 gigs after transferring. Did I do something wrong in the trimming process? I scrubbed it with the main.dol update for the fixed iso and trimmed the fixed iso.

    Thank you very much guys.
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    Why don't you just download a prescrubbed and patched version......
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    ^^^ I am sure I need to know how to trim the games in the future so it is time to learn about it.

    Anyone else with a solution?


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