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Thread: lag on some games using USB loader GX, why?

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    lag on some games using USB loader GX, why?

    Hi, I recently softmodded my wii using dogeggs's guide 3.1-4.1

    I got a WD passport 80gb Hard drive formatted to WBFS, no partitions or anything

    I have a few games loaded that work great some do not ;;
    first I installed Super smash bros brawl and sometimes the music would stop and lag a bit after selecting a character waiting to chose a stage(the lag would be the music getting stuck and taking like 3 seconds to let me select the stage)

    the game that REALLY lags the most is The Conduit
    when I chose to connect to WFC it loads gets stuck, fnds a match gets stuck again and when I'm finally in a match the screen stays blank but I can see my weapons and the stats of the games with ease.what is causing these porblems?;(

    also a question I have is that I heard I need to install some specific things on my console Hermes IOS or something to avoid getting stuck during the kirby fight in brawl?if so please show me how and where can I find a tut on this

    wii setup specs in description on my sig, everything I have installed is from dogeggs tut

    Also,if some of you fixed this prob using a different usb loader,let me know to test it out

    Edit: My hard drive came from the factory with a 1 usb to mini usb cable,that cable got lost and I found a dual usb to mini usb cable
    should I plug in both cables or just one?usb loader loads the games bothways but I am not sure if I'm right or wrong
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    Currently 4.1u(from 3.3u using waninkoko's updater) LU61 wii with D3-2 drive >_< 80GB WD Passport HDD
    Neogamma R8 B7 for testing , dont use it much
    USB loader GX r838
    BootMii as IOS (backup of NAND on PC)
    Preloader 0.29 system menu v449
    System IOS v60 cIOS 38 Rev 14

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    me too

    bump I have been looking everywhere. my HD should be compatible. but i have the same probs as ishiny. I am using google to search. Any tips would be great!



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