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Thread: help understanding ios's

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    help understanding ios's

    I am new to softmodding the wii and my brain is mush after reading as much as i can this weekend... currently i have been using the wiikey 2 but since NSMB came out i found out that i had to softmod my wii to play the backup. i have used the 4.2 tuturial and it worked fine (i have a wii that allowed me to use the boot2 process so i am somewhat safe against bricking it from what i read).. now i have the homebrew channel and can use the neogamma loader to run the NSMB. after reading i want to install a HD and run the games from there. so far i have successfully installed and dumped many iso's to the drive and can run them using the neogamma but not the usb loader (i think this is where the ios's come in).

    now my confusion comes in, i see everyone commenting on ios## and cIOS's etc. can anyone explain these or point me in the right direction to get me somewhat up to speed on when and where to use them etc...


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    +1....dont understand any of the Softmod applications and ios etc....any help would be great

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    well after a few days of more searching and reading i am starting to see things a little clearer. with the help of the following tutorials it may help someone else as well...

    these helped me install and somewhat understand the ios's and why you would need the different ones...

    GAF's Wii Homebrew Tutorial: Usb Loader

    GAF's Wii Homebrew Tutorial: Hermes' Ios222/223

    and used the usb loader procedure from this post


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    Here are two threads that are a must read for anyone who has no idea what Wii terms mean:


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