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Thread: Need help with going from soft mod to mod chip...

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    Question Need help with going from soft mod to mod chip...

    Hey guys, a while back I soft modded my Wii to play backups (not too far back I had menu 4.0) and now I have a Drivekey solderless mod chip the I want to install in the same console. I heard it's not safe to install a Mod chip in a Wii that's already been soft modded so I'd like to undue everything I did when I soft modded the Wii but I'm not sure where to start or what to uninstall first. I remember downgrading the cios using the Homebrew Channel, DVDX and BootMii and installing cIOS38_rev13, neogamma and some other programs for blocking updates. Well that was a while ago and now I feel like this and have know idea where to start. So... anybody think they can help me out here?

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    i run my wii soft and hard modded with a drivekey, just avoid the 4.2 firmware this will kill the regionfree on your modchip
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    You don't have to undo your softmod in order to install a modchip. The homebrew channel doesn't have any effect on the modchip what so ever. The modchip goes directly onto the motherboard. The softmodding how ever is software based. Its uses the wii's firmware instead of hardware.
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