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Thread: Wii Shop Channel 4.2 Help

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    Wii Shop Channel 4.2 Help

    How can I get 4.2 wii shop channel? I have my Wii softmodded on 4.1 but I can't get on the Wii shop channel can anyone help?

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    Use this to safely upgrade your shopping channel without losing your homebrew:

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    I am assuming your having the problem where it just sends you back to the wii menu. If thats the case, then youll need to install the new shop channel along with the ios it uses. The shop channel now uses ios61 instead of ios51. Youll first install that ios using wad manager and then youll install the new shop channel. The shop channel install will overwrite your old channel. You can find both the channel and ios on this site. Try searching for "ios61 and shop channel".
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    Thank you!

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    Thank you, I was looking for this!


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