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Thread: 4.2E and wad manager

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    Question 4.2E and wad manager

    Hi, after long break i've started to play with Wii, and decided to check whats new in homebrew. At this moment my console is updated to 4.2E system menu. I have HBC and bootmii installed. I'd like to run some VC games using wad manager, i have manager already installed ( wersion 1.5 mod3 i believe..) But im not able to open any wad file. What IOS should i use? Do i have to install some CIOS? Could anyone guide me what should i do step by step? Since i'm confused about those all CIOSes available, i'm looking for help on this forum.

    Oh, i forgot to mention that i have d2pro chip installed, i don't need softmod, but i found an information about USB loader - is USB loader somehow connected with softmod? What should I do if in future I decide to use USB functionality? Are there any problems using d2pro chip and softmod together at the same time?

    Sorry if my question are trivial or stupid, but for a long i was out of this topic.

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    I also have a d2pro chip and my wii is soft modded, not had any problems with them both.. i would follow one of the guides on this site for the wad manager. they give you all the info you need regarding the CIOS/IOS's you need...

    Dont know if that helped any.

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    But most of guides are regarding softmod installation. And for begenning i just want wad manager only - next step USB loader. I just dont see the point of full softmod while i have chip onboard. Just need to know what CIOSes i need to instal/uninstall/change or whatever.



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