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Thread: What should I do?

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    What should I do?

    About two weeks ago I bought a wii off ebay and just got it today. During the time while I was waiting for it, I browsed for games and misc wii items, and came along softmodding. Now what my problem is, I just bought wii fit plus, mario kart, and sports resort, and they both say I need to update my wii (as soon as that message came up I didn't hesitate to eject the disc). My current system firmware is 3.3U. I want to play the games I have, but I also want to softmod so i can run emulators, and download and play wii games off my External HD. What should I do?


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    Use the guide in my sig to do the softmod update to 4.1. Do not do any nintendo updates to 4.2 cause its a homebrew killer

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    Alright no 4.2 then lol. Thanks

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    My advise is to run all the updates from these three discs before any softmodding, then do the 4.1 upgrade/softmod.

    The discs will add IOS's that won't harm any softmodding but will stop them from asking to update again after you softmod.

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    I might be wrong here (don't think I am) but when he does the 4.1 update to the guide I'm pretty sure he would get all of the ios's for 4.1 in doing that. And any that are missing can be installed through wad or dopios after he's done.

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    More than likely will, but there is no harm in being sure and shoving a disc in is easier than doing wad's etc for a newbie.
    Playing the original WSR will help him greatly, he won't have to do the alt.dol thing for the video etc once softmodded.

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    I'm just going to go ahead and softmod from where im at, and the guide says i have to upgrade to 4.1 later anyway since im at 3.3
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