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Thread: NGC game freezing after loading game menu

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    NGC game freezing after loading game menu

    I'm guessing its probably just a bad burn as i havnt yet tried with another blank media

    the game i'm playing is Fire Emblem Path to Radiance, with D2 modchip

    the game loads fine and it loads to the main menu of the actual game after selecting the wii's main menu, and then the game just freezes with BGM stuck on a loud sound

    I burned the NTSC iso of the game with nero 7.0

    Is there a chance it may be modchip's problem or even the method i used to burn the game?

    Im sorry if the question has already been answere before, and thanks in advance

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    You should burn with ImgBurn....Never had a problem burning with that program...I believe that's what most people use...

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    Just tried using imgburn with a different media and still the same problem at the exact same point

    might be bad image file, but anyone have any other thoughts on what might have happened?


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