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Thread: Hardmod VS Softmod

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    Hardmod VS Softmod


    From all the talk of NSMB issues it seems to me having your Wii Hardmodded is of no benefit now. Even if its hardmodded it seems there needs to be various programs installed to get NSMB working.

    Is this temporary until a work around is patched on the DVDR or is this the way things will be going forward? It seems very compliacted to get the game working and I know most people will say just buy the game and thats fair just curious.....Im a Noob so please dont shoot me!!!

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    Both have their merits, plusses and minuses. I look at it as multiple great ways to customize a hearty piece of equipment and, with WODE coming out soon in addition to that SunD2 (or whatever it's called), there are even more options on the way.

    That said, NSMB has been fixed for softmod and hardmod users for a bit of time now. Have a look at davepm's guide here:

    Addendum: In fact, as I remember now (and anyone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong) hardmod users were actually the first ones to benefit from playing NSMB via burned disc in those first couple days that the game got out there. It wasn't until a couple days later that the hex-edit fix came around for us softmod users. So I think there may yet be some light in the darkness for the modchip crews.
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    yes but even if your hardmodded do you not still need to run various homebrew tools to boot the dvd? The problem I have is I rarely get to use the Wii as my 8yr old plays it but I cant be there everytime he wants to play mario to load various homebrew tools first? At least Im presuming I ned to do that?
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    I couldn't say, softmod user here. If I were a hardmod user, which I may be in the future, I would apply softmod techniques due to the number of customization options, but that's me.
    That said, I have to surmise from the number of hardmod threads I've scoured through that there are indeed hardmod users without HBC installed.
    "I think that the Wii is a beautiful piece of hardware, and a broken Wii is a tragedy. It doesn’t matter why or how." -- Bushing

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    my problem is that i dont know what softmod tools i should have installed to us NSMB, I dont know if I need to run them everytime I want to play NSMB and I dont know whats safe to install as I keep hearing chasing your IOS can Fully brick your wii....I can only presume you can only have one installed at any time and it has to match your System Menu...its very confusing

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    You can brick your Wii by uninstalling the wrong IOS'. To explain a little, the Wii uses numerous IOS files to run system applications, games, channels, etc. If you uninstall those it's...well it's sort of like eliminating tons of code from the registry in Windows - not good.

    It sounds like you should have a look at the tutorials in my sig, check out the one that fits your FW version. That should give you a little more information about what's available via softmods.
    "I think that the Wii is a beautiful piece of hardware, and a broken Wii is a tragedy. It doesn’t matter why or how." -- Bushing

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    With hardmod you don't need any softmod on your wii at all, anything you do to an iso is done on the pc before burning.

    I have both hardmod and softmod on my wii, the hardmod did what I wanted for over 12 months and then I found USB loading which to me is a godsend now.

    I was against WODE for a long time but have taken a shine to it and chances are I will get that on a second wii later on when it has proved its worth.

    If you want to run free wiiware and/or watch movies via the wii then you have to softmod it without any doubt.


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