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Thread: Updating to 4.2e with NSMB Pal

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    Updating to 4.2e with NSMB Pal

    Hi Guys,

    Just looking for advice. My Wii is hardmodded with Wasabi 2. I had semi bricked my Wii using NSMB NTSC and updating my pal Wii to 4.1u. I managed to repair this by using DOP-IOS MOD and changing it to 4.1e.

    What I want to know is that does the SM 4.2e on the retail PAL NSMB affect anything on my Wii if I update? My son is mario crazy and I am going to buy it for him but I dont want all my existing backups to stop working because of the upgrade.

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    The game has an update to 4.1 on it. Not 4.2

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    4.2 was designed to kill Homebrew and that includes the older Heomebrew channel (HAXX), and cIOS 249, 202, 222 etc. Any hack you have will be removed by internet updating and eventually by any disc update to 4.2

    AFAIK NSMB only has 4.1 update though.
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    oh if I do buy NSMB Pal it wont affect my modchip? I only installed HBC to unbrick by Wii so I dont mind not having it

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    No it won't. The only thing that would kill you is an official update to 4.2. As far as I know no games are coming out now with a 4.2 update, but to be safe (because they will come out in the future) you should have something installed to block disc updates.


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