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Thread: Keep getting booted to the menu!! (usb loader gx)

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    Keep getting booted to the menu!! (usb loader gx)

    So i recently modded my wii, its 4.2u, i used the guide from this forum

    so i have 3 hard drives, all western digital, problem is only 2 of them work on the wii... the other one everytime i click a game, and click on the CD to load it from usb loader gx, it takes me back to the menu but with the other hard drives it works fine

    the other 2 that work are 500 gb idk if thats why they work

    one of the ones that do work is a 500gb passport elite the really small portable ones
    the other one is a my book 500gb wd essential

    the one that doesnt work is a 1TB! my book essential..
    it has a firewire port and i used it to transfer the 200 games, thats the first time ive done that idk if thats why

    but has anyone had any similar issues?

    what can i do?

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    Some interesting notes you might want to check out on your model from the USB Devices Compatibility List. Maybe that will help you out.
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