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Thread: new wii HBC help

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    Question new wii HBC help

    hi, i killed my wii a few wks ago and got a new motherboard to go in it this has HBC already installed but i dont wanna kill this 1 lol...wot do i need to put on it to have some kind ov back up if things start going pear shaped. I only had gamma back up wii gator thing for me backups but nowt else could anyone show me were,how and wot to put on it I have no chip just soft modded this is a pal wii runnin3.4e i think, thxs kind people and merry xmas ho ho ho

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    if you can install bootmii as boot2 then you can make a nand backup that will get you out of trouble...failing that then preloader is your best bet...


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