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Thread: nintendo wont repair my wii (but i did)

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    Lightbulb nintendo wont repair my wii (but i did)

    this is not really ov any use but i sent my bricked wii to nintendo who kindly said "fook off you fooked it" and sent me it back lol, so after look to see if i could fix from i found a guy on ebay who sells new motherboards with HBC already on them it cost me 62.00 with free delivery. It was a bit ov a pain unscrewin everything and putin it all on the new board but now it works a treat and its runnin 3.4e,plus i think nintendo would have charged me 68.00 to fix and i would ov had to HBC on if urs is dead and they tell you to use it as a door stop give him a shout (gadgetrepair) took 3 days to turn up

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    Thans for that.

    Lots of people actually get away with a repair from Nintendo as they don't always check them but this solution while still quite expensive is worth considering.

    I guess a lot depends on how badly bricked your Wii is when you send it back and how busy they are at the time and the warranty in place.
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