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Thread: More Newbie Questions

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    More Newbie Questions

    Hello all. I am new to the softmod scene. Have had an Argon modchip in my Wii for a couple years and have had no problems with it... well till now. It seems the only way to play a backup copy of NSMB is through softmods, for now at least. Don't know if they will update the chip software or not and most likely I figure we will probably see more games like this.

    So I figured I better learn what is involved with softmodding and started with this site. I've got to start by saying, WOW this is confusing when looking at it all for the first time. There are so many different programs and versions to use it is overwhelming. But so far this community has been very insightful. I managed to install the HBC, BootMii (not sure if I'm going to use it or need it), backed up my NAND, cIOS38rev15 (didn't work at first I had to patch IOS36... more confusion), and NeoGammaR7.

    Not even sure what it all does but hey I am able to play a DVD of NSMB w/o it erroring out now. Downloaded WBFS Manager to see if I could save some DVD's and put the games on a 16GB flash drive (not working). Got a few questions now though and would appreciate if someone could help me out.

    1. Guess my biggest question is, what do I NOT do in order to keep the Wii from bricking? Never been an issue with the modchip.

    2. NeoGamma w/ DVD's work fine. But why when I use WBFS Mngr to put games on flash drive do I get a green screen when loading NeoGamma USB? Does this not work this way or is there a setting needing changed?

    3. How often do you usually have to update anything? I see HBC self updates but what will need to be manually updated?

    4. Is there other software you recommend I should install and WHY?

    5. What is the IOS software used for and is it necessary to have different ones installed? I see DOP-IOS, cIOS, etc, is it all the same thing or what?

    Again, I appreciate the help and any suggestions.

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    Just take the time and read all the links in my sig, they will explain a lot to you. You may also want to check out these two links as well

    If you have any questions that arn't answered for you in all those links, then please update this thread with your new questions/problems.

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    How did I not see those? Guess I spent more time trying to actually install everything more than understanding it. Time for more reading.



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