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Thread: Instruments not responding, have followed all TUT's

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    Instruments not responding, have followed all TUT's

    Hey, I followed "The New 3.1-4.1 softmod for any wii" tutorial to the letter and it worked great, I can play all disks through Newgamma. My only issue is I cannot get my rock band 1 instruments to connect. I installed the cios 56 that is in the tutorial, have done hermes 222/223 install successfully, and still no luck. I have also tried running the actual rock band 1 disk and it also wouldn't recognize instruments, though, it does see the mic.

    Now, my questions is, will RB and GH only work using USB loader? That seems to be the impression I am getting. I have tried running through softchip using 222/223 and no luck booting the disk, I get the read_DL error.

    Thanks in advance for any advice.


    Oh. also, I am using 4.1U. And RB1 retail works when I run it from channel.
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