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Thread: semi bricked wii. help please.

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    Unhappy semi bricked wii. help please.

    hi, i have semi-bricked my wii trying to install the homebrew channel and usb installer. i downloaded a how to guide and the relevant software, and followed all the guide:

    copied all software to a sd card
    installed boot.dol
    load mii appeared
    press'd a on remote
    and run downgraderIOS35.dol
    then back to load mii
    then went to wad manager 1.4, and installed
    then installed IOS35
    then installed CIOSv7.wad
    pressed home to exit.
    then ran wad manager again, when asked what IOS to use i selected IOS249
    then installed IOS36.wad &HBC.wad
    then exited wad manager, and restarted the wii.
    the went into homebrew channel and ran wad manager again, and installed IOS60 patched, then restarted the wii.
    then again launched homebrew channel and ran cios rev10 installer, (" a cool channel with funky music")
    then launched homebrew and ran IOS downgrader, and rebooted wii.

    this is when it bricked.

    when i rebooted the wii i come to a black screen with the message: "system files are corrupted, refer to wii operations manual".
    when i reboot the wii with the reset buton held in i get the:
    system menu
    homebrew channel
    installed file
    load/install file
    system hacks

    IOSv50 System munu v386
    preloader 0.29.

    i found a youtube video showing how to unbrick a semi bricked wii and downloaded a IOS30-64-V1040.wad and systemmenu-V290.wad
    i ran the IOS30 wad, and it installed but when i came to run the systemmenu.wad it came up as a error.

    now i am completely stuck. any hel would be greatly appreciated, as the wii was meant to be a christmas present. i hope i have given you all the information you need.

    cheers goph

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    Can you hold reset and use preloader to boot into homebrew? After installing patched ios60 you should have ran the 4.1 firmware updater.

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    i'm sory
    junkmailturds. i can boot into homebrew by holding down the reset button, but what do i do when i get there? is there a way to run the 4.1 firmware updater?, and if so, will that repair the system so i can boot back into the wii menu?


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    Holding reset gets you into preloader. From there click homebrew. If you can get into the homebrew channel you should be able to install the 4.1 firmware since you already installed ios60patched.

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    What a mess.

    Preloader doesn't work well with 3.4 System Menu which you have installed.

    As jmt states you need to install IOS60patched and run 4.1 firmware updater or IOS60patched then the System Menu 4.1 for your region.

    wad manager is your friend.
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    thanks for all the help and information guys. much appreciated. had some more help from a friend who came and we installed a new system menu, and now it's working fine. cheers Baz.



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