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Thread: Does Black Wii accept homebrew? + noob questions :)

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    Question Does Black Wii accept homebrew? + noob questions :)

    Hi , I just ordered a Black Wii with Sports resort and motion plus for 149.99, thought it was a good deal until I read that all black Wii's have updated drives which block the use of homebrew so I quickly back tracked and have just cancelled my order.

    I have scanned the site but have not even got the Wii which is for christmas for my GF so I just have some basic noob questions which will help me on my way, I appreciate your replies even if you cannot answer all 4 of my questions any help is fine.

    1) The problem is if new black Wii's have new drives then I guess new white ones will do too? would I be best advised to maybe buy off ebay second hand.

    2)I would like the Black but I believe discs would be a no go meaning I would have to use a USB drive, does this mean I would have to have a mod chip installed and isn't the homebrew way the easiest/best?

    3) What if a second hand one has the latest firmware would this be a problem & where do I get the homebrew software

    4) Would you expect the black ones to eventually be able to accept homebrew or would the drive need replacing in order to make it work, is that straight forward to do or not?
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    Basically the balck Wiis have a D3-2 DVD drive which blocks DVD loading and you should be able to replace the drive with an old one if your desperate to play DVD backups, homebrew should be quite possible along with USB Loaders.

    Heres an image with the drives Nintendo has released. (ignore the right list)

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    So now they have released a Wii with a D3-2 drive the new Wii's and future ones are unlikely to be able to play back ups, it seems from the list you provided that Nintendo have changed their drives a few times so I guess all have been cracked to enable back ups, will that not happen in time with the new drive?

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    I'm not sure but they seem to have gotten it right this time but that could always change in the future.

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    Thanks for your answers, guess I'll look on ebay for a second hand one, I would buy new but I guess it's difficult to tell if the new drive is installed in any new Wii.

    Once I have one is the homebrew the same or different for all drives

    If it matters how do I tell which drive my Wii has and could you PM me with where I could obtain the homebrew software and instructions - Thanks

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    DVD drives have nothing to do with homebrew, they only determine whether disc loading is possible or not.

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    I have the new black Wii it loads homebrew and plays backup of my 250GB HDD just fine with USB loader GX no DVD-R's work though.
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    If no DVD-Rs work then you must have the dreaded D3-2.

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    Yea I didn't know about it until it actually came to installing IOS's and then I went to bootup a backup and it was no go, USB loader saved my life though I find it allot les annoying when you get a bad ISO.
    I'm now into retro games console hacking and development.
    Currently working on Nintendo 64 if you want to help PM me.

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    yes it works no dvd

    yes it allows you to install orignal game from directly through your wii to your harddrive aswell, to allow yourself to do that you need usb gx loader, wii flow, usb configure etc. if you dont know what those are just google em.


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