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Thread: noob help bricked black screen

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    noob help bricked black screen

    i got my sons wii modded with homebrew i tried changing theme with softmii when i installed the theme i turned the wii on and now have a black screen can this be fixed

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    You have a few options to try to fix your wii.

    1- The best solution for you would be to have bootmi installed as boot2. If you do have bootmii as boot2 you should see two flashes from the blue led at boot, and when the bootmii files are placed on the sd-card bootmii should load. This would allow you to restore a nand backup if you have one, or load wadmanager and reinstall your system menu and ios.

    2- Your next option is preloader. If you have preloader installed you can assess it by holding reset and booting the wii. Preloader will as allow you to load apps, such as wadmanger to repair your wii.

    3- Your third option is usually a long shot but always worth a try. You can use savemiifrii, get a generic gamecube controller and push down on all four directionals at the same time. While you are doing that turn on the wii and continue to hold all four direction down. If this works you should see your system menu version displayed in the lower right corner. You could then buy a modchip preconfigured to autoboot and boot one of these autobooting cd to fix your wii.
    AutoBoot Bootmii
    AutoBoot Universal Unbrick Disc V2
    AutoBoot Wad-Manager<!-- google_ad_section_end -->
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