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Thread: Eject issues on D2E

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    Eject issues on D2E

    I installed a few of these chips, having no problems at all. Then I got a D2E and the first problem started.

    It didn't want to eject. It would accept the dvd, but then it wouldn't spin up. So I tried different clock points, bridging AB as was suggested here Wiizard Mod Direct Store. I do have the golden dot version, so it should be D2E ready. The lights of the chip don't come up either, unless I press eject a few times. Then all of the sudden the disc will spin and after pressing it like 10 times it will also eject. Even the lights come up after pressing eject so many times.

    So I found this on the forum about the Wiikey v2 and I was wondering if using this point would also fix the issues I was having for the Wiizard.

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    So, after waiting and reading and whatever... I decided to try it.

    The console would still boot up and read backups, but the eject errors remained. So no improvement with using a different clock point for the D2E on the Wiizard


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