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Thread: May be a newbie questions and help forum?

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    Ca May be a newbie questions and help forum?

    Hello, I am new to wii modding (just having my d2c put in today). but I am not new to modding. I have a PSP that I modded, and have also been modding since the old days of ps1 and ps2.

    But the same as when I moved to psp, the wii is new to me. a place where I could post questions (yes mostlikly stupid questions) and ask for help would be great. The forums that I use for PSP have these places and it is great for people new to or unsure of what to do to post questions, without getting flamed (if you don't want to help, you don't have to go in that forum).

    Anyone else think this is a good idea?

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    Go for people would love it! even the old members would have a glimpse so they can feel like a hero for saving the day now and again

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    If any mods see this thread, Could you set up a forum for us. I think it would really help and bring structurer for all questions on wiihacks

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    not a bad idea. i highly doubt you would get flamed here. from what i've senn so far (even though i'm pretty new myself) everyone has a laid back attitude. i'll run your suggestion by the other mods and get back to ASAP

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