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Thread: Can't correct a typo in a thread title!

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    Question Can't correct a typo in a thread title!

    I'm usually an excellent speller, but my when I created a thread a couple of weeks ago -- my first post on these forums, in fact -- I goofed while typing my thread title. Having noticed my error, I edited my post and corrected it, but while the title of Post#1 got changed, the actual thread title remains unchanged.

    It's not exactly a huge problem, but I was wondering if it's possible for an Admin to manually fix it?

    My thread:

    Thread title should have been: "Is there a list of Wii games and their backup file-size?".

    Actually, as I've now started to compile a list (as there did not seem to be an exisiting list), perhaps if the thread can be renamed, it'd now be more appropriate to have it renamed, "List of Wii games and their backup file size".

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    Good luck with getting the thread title changed, it can happen though. I was thinking of starting a post like that. I see you got a nice start, but you may want to move the file size away from the game title, like this

    game title ............................................xxGB
    game title ............................................xxGB

    just to make it easier to find games of a specific size, as I've seen ppl looking for smaller sized games to fit a bunch of them on a single USB memory stick.
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    Noticed a problem relevant to any guide including game size data. The variants of WBFS Manager such as the Intelligent GUI and ncWBFSTool extract ISOs of a different size than that of WBFS Manager. Also, the games are not always mutually recognizable, possibly attributable to the different programming codes used.

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