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Thread: black screen usb loader gx

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    black screen usb loader gx

    Hey there i just finished softmodding my wii using this tutorial

    Everything went smooth. I used the file versions that were linked with the tutorial.
    I started with a 4.1U Wii and now have
    HMC 1.05 , Ios61 V19.26.

    I have been trying to get usbloader gx , but i always get a black screen.

    I am unable to go to preloader options when i restart the wii ( hold reset button)

    Another thing, is do i need to install CIOS222 to get usb loader gx to work???? Forgive me i am a total noob and dont even know how CIOS works or what it is.

    Please advice me on what i can do to get my wii working. with my hdd

    I am using an external 3.5 inch HDD in my ide to usb inclosure.

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    Hi to get usb loader to work you need to install the wad channel and then you need to have the application file for usb loader gx on your media device, ie hard drive. If you need help just reply here and ill get back to you!

    If i have helped in anyway please hit the THANKS BUTTON

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    Turns out my Hard drive enclosure was not compatible. I was using a rocketfish enclosure and the Hard drive was detected once i switched to CP Tech enclosure.


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