Hi, I purchased my wii on Jan 2009, had a sunkey lite installed and it worked great,then my wii died a few days ago it got bricked, nintendo repaired it still(note that the wii was openned to install the chip and had HBC and softmods in it,amazing to see that with all of that N fixed it )

I understand that when the console is bricked its probly something in the NAND
but back to topic they fixed it and installed what I beleive is a D3-2 drive in it.

I tried my modchip today and games would not load,but originals would
tried using homebrew and disc channel and still a no go

currently I am using my external HDD to play backups through NeoGammaR8B7 and usb loader GX and I noticed for example mario kart out of the 3 times I played it, it ran laggy once,rebooted the wii and it worked perfect
I have the same prob with the conduit, everytime I try to go to WFC its VERY laggy
I am using a WD 80gb HD that uses 2 usb ports, one for data which is on the correct port,the other for power) would it be that the HD needs a power supply?I see it has a slot for one

I really don't like softmodding since I'm scared of bricking my wii again (I have a warranty just hate to send it out and not play for a month)but thats all I can do for now

for my Drive which chip/hard mod would you recommend
I thought about the drivekey but I still hear it has probs with nsmb

please note that I am looking for a software upgradeable chip that can handle N's new copy protection for NSMB and future games that come with it.

please tell me which,why and how has it worked for you.