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Thread: help with brick

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    help with brick

    so i dont know what happened i tried installing cios thing it was version 60 i think and when i rebooted the wii it went to a screen with a bunch of messed up letters. so i need help fixing it. i have some stuff already i have preloader version 29 bootmii which isnt booting off the sd card and a nand file backup. im also on 4.0 u system menu.
    getting this fixed is extremly important and i am willing to do anything. thank you

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    hi do you have preloader and bootmii installed let me no. also do you have an official gamecube controller you could try the savemiifii option

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    ya i said i have preloader and bootmii on a sd card i forget what i did to get it though and yes i have a really crappy official nintendo gamecube controller that i dont use. do u think any thing here would help.
    my problem sounds mostly like the banner brick one.
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    anybody? i really need to get this fixed as soon as possible

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    okay so i found out how to get to hackmii installer from preloader and i have a nand file backup but i just wanted to know if it would be safe to install boot2 on 4.0 u wii with a corrupted system menu. thank you for your help.


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