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Thread: DOP IOS question.

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    DOP IOS question.

    Hello, I was told to use DOP IOS to install whatever IOS I needed in order to run certain Wii Ware games, my question is what IOS to use when I start DOP IOS? it starts at IOS 36 but I read that 249 is the one mainly used...which is true?

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    If your using DOP IOS MOD you can choose whatever one you like for installation but 249 is the recommeded one.

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    Yes, I am using DOP IOS MOD, I will use 249 and try installing whatever IOS I need then.

    Last question, AFAIK it uses NUS to download and tehn install right? but these last couple of days I have been having a shaky cnection, hypothetically if I have a D/C while it downloads the IOS, will I have a sure brick?

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    not sure where it gets the IOS from and not sure what heppens if it d/c while downloading.


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