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Thread: Help with soft modding 4.2u wii

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    Help with soft modding 4.2u wii

    Well here I am a newbie again.I have a wii @ 4.2 u that has a argon mod chip installed.I got bored this weekend and decided to look into soft modding the wii so I can let the little ones try the new Mario.From my understanding the game works great with neogamma8.I followed the 4.2 guide by messie to the T and the process went perfect .However when I try to load any game in neogamma I get either a frozen screen or timeout error.I know the games are burnt correctly and work because I can still play them thru the modchip...So I decided to start from scratch and try gain with the same results...I have been searching my tail off and watching you tube video trying to learn what I am missing..Hopefully someone can point me into the right direction...

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    Sounds like you did not install and dop IOS53? Check this guide for the new Super Mario game:

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    Thank you for your response....I decided not to focus on getting just the nsbm game working but any game would be a start....I went thru the 4.2 guide again since my first post to triple verify that I did not make any mistakes and everything again went perfect with the same results...The soft mod is quickly becomes a nice little hobby and I am trying to learn and understand how it all works....Hopefully someday I can look back and laugh at whats stopping me from succeeding.I will keep reading..Hopefully someone can point out where I have gone wrong...

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    Update...I installed the dop IOS53 for the hell of it and now I can play burnt games...No nsmb yet but this is a start...My ? is in the guide there is no mention of the dop IOS53 needing to be installed.Since I did so anyways is it safe @ firmware 4.2?


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