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Thread: Nand Backup Question

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    Nand Backup Question

    hi all, i would like to know if i could use my nand backup to install on a friends wii?

    story behind it.

    i softmodded my wii with the help from s0ur

    yesterday i was messing around and installed preloader then realized i didnt like it so tried to uninstall it by installing a system menu wad file and to my dispear i ended up full bricking my wii.

    lucky thou as i did read and installed bootmii as boot2 so i recoverd back to system menu 3.4 and re did the softmod hack again back to 4.1 with hbc.

    after i did that i did another nand backup of the completed hack.

    so my question is can i load my nand backup with the full homebrew 4.1 firmware hack onto my friends wii 3.2E wii and it will work the same as mine now OR do i need to follow the guides and do the hack on his wii from start to finnish.

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    full hack due to signing keys present on each wii.


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