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Thread: usb loader problem

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    usb loader problem

    Hi when you are prepairing a drive for a usb loader do you need to have the 2 partitions or can you just use the whole drive then format as WBFS then load the iso`s then play.
    The problem i am having is i have tried 3 diff laptop HDD in a usb caddy and done as above and the wii does not see the drive

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    Exact same problem as yourself just now, have been advised elsewhere on the net that you have to have a fat- not sure if its fat or fat32 ?? ( any size ) / ntfs ( any size ) and a wbfs partition, am going to try this out myself later and see how it goes, I cant see where in the wbfs manager you make the wii partition the primary and active one off the three thou ???

    if you do work it out before me please do let me know !!
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    Thanks for your reply, i have tried making 2 partitions the primary one is drive M which is primary and active the second is drive N which i formated as FAT32 which shows healthy i then formated the primary in WBFS Manager, i then load just 1 iso and that loads ok but neather usb loader gx or wii flow will see the drive, i also tried a single partition as WBFS but still no good, As i said before i am on 3.4E software using a sumvision laptop ide caddy and have tried various diff makes of drive.
    Am i doing somthing wrong in the preperation stage or is it drive compatability issues do you think ?
    Any comments apriciated..


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