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Thread: Wii 4.2 bricked! help! N00b!

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    Wii 4.2 bricked! help! N00b!

    Well, here is the thing.
    I was following the instructions on a website on doing the softhack to my new wii, so I was following the instructions, and I did one step wrong.
    I installed with hermes on ios 249, homebrew ios 202 on ios38 instead of installing custom ios222.
    I contiued, installed ios 223 as ios37 merged with 38, then I installed with wad manager Neogamma and gx usbloader.
    when I rebooted, I got a black screen, system files corrupted and I am stuck there.

    I have a copy of my nand files, but that is as far as I get.
    Any way to fix this?

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    Fail. You said you have a nad backup. Did you install bootmii as boot2?

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    I installed bootmii as ios, on a native 4.2 I understand I donīt have access to the boot2.

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    if you dont have preloader or bootmii as boot2 might as well start crying.or you can try need a gc controller i think.

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    I have the preloader but I have it disabled... I am f**ked?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Torture View Post
    I have the preloader but I have it disabled... I am f**ked?
    If hold down reset when you start the wii, does it boot to preloader?

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    your not yet don't let your wii go.does preloader boot when you hold reset down when you turn it on.there's not many ways to fix this.but i'll still try to help.

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    ok, preloader starts, so now what?
    I put my nand.bin and keys.bin in the sd and try to run it on the preloader?

    I am starting to breathe again

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    okay can you boot into homebrew.if not reinstall it with the boot.

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    ok, I was able to boot into hombrew, now what?

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