ok here goes my wii is now on 4.2j as off yesterday.

i have hbc installed and thats as far as it will go i have followed the guide here


but when i get to this part here :-

PART B: The extermination of the evil stub ios249

Ok, so N did this update and thos ppl knew that we use ios249 to isntall our cios and place our backups. What did they do? they invented an empty ios ("stub") and place it in slot 249, to stop us. Like they will! Muhahahaha. Here is what we do about it. We will uninstall ios249 stub, and then isntall our own cios38rev14 in slot 249:

B1) GET THIS PACK(Thanks to Dogeggs, he sure made the trick... this will probably work for anyone) or GET THIS PACK 2 or GET THIS PACK 3 (pick start with the first one, if you get an error pick the next one and follow instructions from B2 and on again. One of this will do the trick without an error. If still nothing, try this)

B2)Format the SD card, with FAT32, place the contents of the included folder in the SD card root. Only files in SD root should be:
root:\00000001\ <-(if available)

B3)Place the SD card in the wii, start HBC and press home ar the main HBC screen. (If your wii boots to Bootmii, just go to B5)

B4)Select bootmii and wait.

B5)Wadmanager should start.(On ios select, select ios36, or try a few, 249, 250 dunno,we are scratching our heads with this)!!

B6)Select SD card and press A to continue.

B7)Select ios249 from wad folder and press A

B8)change the action to "uninstall wad", press A

B9)Done!! now to the next step!!

it locks up turns off the remotes and has to be hard reset

i get errors 1035 and 2035 i think that last one is

is there a major problem here what i am doing am doing it by the guide exactly i have done my sons before easlily.

thanks guys